E-marketing is a broad term and encompasses various activities performed through electronic media or worldwide web, e.g. internet, mobile or interactive marketing. These marketing activities aim to attract new customers, retain the current business and spread the awareness about the brand identity.  We provide completely comprehensive and flexible online solutions, which comprise social networking development (for instance, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flick, Twitter etc.), search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), email marketing, e-newsletters, blogging etc.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a process of improving the volume and the quality of traffic to the website and ensuring that the web can be found in search engines (Google,Bing etc.) Good content of the web and its development, registration to search engines, quality links, selection and use of keywords  and key phrases that people use in search engines all help to generate and increase the traffic of your website.

If the above mentioned activities are performed professionally, they offer a massive return on your e-marketing investment and help to increase yours sales and compete more effectively.

• Basic static website with max. 7 pages, without content management system
• Attractive and original graphic design + clear and intuitive web structure
• Annual domain name management
• 1 language version
• Basic seo optimization (Registration into 5 search engines, key words settlement, etc.)

• Larger dynamic website with max. 20 pages and content management system, which gives client the opportunity to add, change or modify texts, pictures etc.
• Attractive and original graphic design (possibility to choose among 3 design options + clear and intuitive web structure

• Annual domain name management and hosting
• 2 language versions
• Possibility of installing following modules – news, photo
gallery, newsletter, questions and answers, etc. Map, slide
show, banner, printed versions of the article/catalogue/
• Content management basic training
• Seo optimization (Registration into 5 search engines, key
words settlement, etc.)


• Dynamic website with more than 20 pages, original and
ambitious graphic design (possibility to choose from 4 design
options + web with large amount of various functions
• 3 - 4 language versions
• Annual domain name management and hosting
• E-shop, news, virtual tour, video, flash animation, questions and answers, map, slide show, banner, printed version of the article/page, survey, download, connection between the site and social networks Facebook, Linkedln, Facebook application, blog, forum, search statistics, discussions etc.
• Advanced seo-optimization (Registration into search engines, key words settlement, creation of back links, etc.)
• Advanced content management or/and e-shop training




Content management system empowers our clients to manage, edit and update their websites easily and efficiently without any programming knowledge. This ensures their independence and significantly reduces the cost because they do not have to rely on third party company to keep their websites up-to-date. This easy-to-use application requires very little training so the clients can immediately start managing the content of their web sites.  A quality CMS not only allows you to control the content but also gives you the chance to optimise the site.




Consistent graphic design and overall company image play important role in increasing awareness of company´s products and services and in maintaining trust in your client base. Concise creative and consistent design ensures that your company (brand) is recognised by your consumers. First impressions are very important and people will judge your business based on  your overall branding. Professional graphic design is associated with professional companies.

Various print materials reflect how your business looks and how it operates.  They show your company´s best attributes, communicate your message, grab attention and often entice your clients to buy. We provide outstanding and compelling design for your brochures, catalogues, flyers, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, magazines, promotional advertisement,  Christmas and New Years Eve cards, newsletters, banners etc.


Logo is a graphic representation of your company´s identity. It denotes a company´s profile, a nature of the business and a general attitude of the company.

A need for professionally designed logo is obvious. Such logo stands out in people´s minds and creates long term impression on them. It is very powerful element on which, to a certain extent, depends the success of your company. Logo plays a crucial role not only in establishing your brand but also in distinguishing your services from your competitors. It contributes significantly to company´s visibility, credibility and professionalism.

A strong logo design used effectively across all your marketing materials - business cards, stationery, packaging, media advertising, promotions – is of prime importance.

We will ensure that your logo is unique, simple and memorable and thus create the quickest possible route to the success of your business.